Warehouse Management System Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a WMS?

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a software application that helps a warehouse maintain accurate inventory and efficiently fulfill orders. A WMS not only tracks inventory, but it also helps users gain efficiency and accuracy by tracking all activity inside a warehouse's four walls, including receiving, picking and shipping, which helps cut costs. Here's an example: When an associate needs to pick inventory for an order, the WMS shows the associate the picks in an efficient picking travel path, minimizing the travel time.

2. What is the difference between a WMS and an Inventory Control System?

An inventory control system acts as a system of records for a "summarized version" of the on-hand inventory whereas a WMS tracks more detailed information about the inventory. A WMS helps optimize all warehouse activities, like receiving, putaway, picking, replenishment and shipments; this is not possible in an inventory control system. Here's an example: A WMS helps associates by directing them to a particular putaway location, based on storage rules, so the inventory is stored in an appropriate location, such as cold storage, caged location or HAZMAT storage.

3. How Foysonis is different from other WMS providers?

Foysonis is specifically built for small to mid-size warehouses utilizing advanced cloud computing technology. Therefore, Foysonis is 60 to 90 percent lower in cost than comparable legacy on-premise WMS vendors, making this product the most affordable in today's WMS market. Foysonis strives to pass on the savings gained from its technological innovation to its customers.

4. How can a WMS help grow my business?

Owning a small warehouse can be challenging. If managing its daily operations has slowed productivity, it's time for a WMS. Not being able to locate items in the warehouse or not being able to quickly fulfill and ship an emergency customer order results in serious problems. Implementing and beginning to use a WMS offers businesses multiple benefits: (1) improved inventory accuracy; (2) increased associate productivity; (3) reduced fulfilment time; and (4) improved customer satisfaction. These operational benefits directly impact the businesses' financial health by reducing cost, increasing profits and positioning your business for accelerated growth.

5. Which Foysonis WMS plan is suitable for my business?

If you have a simple warehouse operation and do NOT require any external system integration or any customizations, you can use our "Premium" plan. If your operation need any customizations (custom reports, screens, etc.) or any external system integration, your warehouse will need our "Enterprise" plan. Contact us for a quote on the pricing for Enterprise plan, as the cost of this plan varies depending on the complexity of your warehouse operations.

It is also possible to start running your warehouse with our Premium plan and later upgrade to Enterprise plan, when the need for customization or Integration arises.

6. How much does it cost? How do I sign-up for Foysonis WMS?

The all-inclusive Premium plan is $999/month for five users, and each additional user is $99/month. Foysonis offers a 30-day free trial for each plan, so new users have time to evaluate our product. Visit our pricing page for more information.

For companies needing sophisticated deployment due to operations requiring customization, the Foysonis Enterprise plan is a good fit, and price is based on project scope. Customizations could include integrations to third party ERP systems as well as requirement of custom ui screens or additional functionality. Please contact us for a custom pricing quote based on your requirements.

7. What kind of support is available?

Both our plans have access to 24/7 phone support, live chat support and email support. Standard plan members have access to live chat and email support.

For Enterprise plan customers, several customized, world-class enterprise support plans, ranging from a dedicated supply chain support team to on-site technical support and implementation help, are available. If you think you will need an Enterprise plan, please contact us to learn more about our deluxe support options.

8. Do I need to train my warehouse personnel on Foysonis?

Foysonis offers online videos, user guides and other material for your team to get started. Foysonis' intuitive, modern user interface doesn't require a formal training. Most customers are able to independently start using the product. But if you require training, we offer a Foysonis overview using a free interactive webinar or a specialized paid on-site training.

9. I haven't used a WMS before. How do I get started?

No problem! We created a series of Getting Started Videos for you to familiarize yourself with Foysonis. They are located here.

10. How much lead time do we need before we can actually start using Foysonis in our warehouse?

The lead time necessary to set up a warehouse in Foysonis depends on how many locations and unique items you will maintain in the WMS. Depending on this number, you can be up and running in as soon as a few hours or a week at the most.

11. What type of hardware do we need to purchase?

That's one of the great things about Foysonis. Foysonis WMS runs on existing hardware, using the power of cloud computing. Any computer, tablet or smartphone installed with modern browsers can run Foysonis. With that said, if you use barcodes in your warehouse, you may need to purchase a Bluetooth barcode scanner (for tablets and smartphones) or a USB wedge barcode scanner (for desktops and laptops). These barcode scanners cost $20 to $100 per scanner.

12. What devices are supported by Foysonis?

Foysonis WMS can be accessed on any desktop, laptop or tablet (iPad, Android Tablet) installed with modern browsers. Foysonis also has a WMS app specifically made for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. This app can be downloaded from the Apple app store. An Android app is in the works and will be made available on the Google Play store when available.

13. I signed up for a free trial. How can I continue to use Foysonis after my free trial period ends?

Log in to the WMS application (wms.foysonis.com), and select Billing & Licensing by clicking on the user icon at the top right corner. Under this Billing page, save your credit card information. When your trial period ends, Foysonis automatically charges your credit card for the monthly subscription of the plan you selected and for any additional users. You can update your credit card information any time during your active subscription period.

14. Can I add additional users during my free trial period?

Yes, you can add users up to the user limit allowed for the plan you have selected. However, buying more users than the allowed limit of the selected plan ends your free trial period for product evaluation. When you buy additional users, you are moved to a "Paid-Account" status, which allows you to immediately enjoy our premium support services provided for that plan.

15. I have an issue or question about the Foysonis application. How do I contact support?

When you are logged into the Foysonis WMS application, you will see a Support icon at the top right corner of the screen. Use the provided links to email or chat with Foysonis. If you are a Premium customer, you will also see a phone number to call for 24/7 phone support should you need immediate assistance.