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By , 17 March 2020 12:47

Survivor Warehouses in the Age of Coronavirus

In the past couple months, we’ve seen a new disease outbreak nearly shut down the second largest economy and largest manufacturer in the world, China.

Now the spread of Coronavirus-19 has become pandemic, and threatens to shut down the largest economy in the world, the United States of America.

This, ironically, just as the situation in China appears to be stabilizing and industry is starting to come back online again full-force. And all this, with the backdrop of ongoing trade wars, climate change, and international political tensions still impacting trade.

Throughout all, the logistics sector has bravely faced into rapidly shifting tradewinds, having to quickly adapt to constant change and challenges. As always, dedicated and hard-working logistics professionals continue to work tirelessly to keep the critical flow of goods and materials going for everybody.

And now, in the age of Coronavirus, global shutdowns are already here or looming, with a fragile economy on the verge of recession, and pandemic panic buying clearing grocery shelves before they can be restocked — and driving more people to suddenly shop online further boosting e-commerce. Recent BBC and CNBC articles report rapid new growth in online shopping demand and hiring for online retailers like Amazon and grocery chains with online service such as Albertsons, Kroger and Raley’s.

This, while public events, activities and entertainment are being abruptly cancelled or postponed.

Consumer patterns are rapidly shifting, driven by economic pressure and health concern, altering the course of an entire global consumer economy, and the complicated global logistics and warehouses that support it.

What does this mean for the logistics and warehousing industry?

  • Possible near-term workforce issues, as employees are affected by the pandemic and/or related work and movement restrictions


  • In the short term, increased need for the rapid movement of critical health care sector goods and services related to efforts to combat the Coronavirus pandemic and heal those infected


  • Further increasing volatility and rapid shifts in consumer demand, near-term, as economically stressed and pandemic frightened consumers re-prioritise their purchase of goods and services, and start shopping online even more than before
  • And potential longer term changes in consumer behavior that follow as lives, priorities, and preferences more permanently change
  • Airlines shut down, and reduced flight options for air freight shipments
  • Global travel and tourism down to a trickle near-term until the Coronavirus pandemic is contained and safety for travel and tourist confidence restored (and bookings catch up again)
  • Cheaper fuel for now, but how long will it last?

As communities around the world continue to hunker down to weather the storm, and then re-emerge, the logistics sector will have to be highly responsive, and adaptive. The industry will need to be agile and ready to quickly adapt and take advantage of changes in the flows of goods and services, and will need to be lean, efficient, tough and resilient. 

And the backbone of this is an efficient, well-run, state-of-the-art survivor warehouse.

For 3PL service providers and e-commerce fulfillment centers alike, warehouses need to be ever more smart, efficient and adaptive — as agile as ever. Survivors. Lean and tough, adaptable. Ready to quickly adjust to changing flows of goods and serve new and changing customers, and manage variable flows and types of product efficiently.

And any successful survivor warehouse needs an equally agile, adaptable, and reliable warehouse management system (WMS). State of the art technology which can integrate and help efficiently manage all warehouse functions, and support adaptive, lean, technology-driven management.

The future is now, and the warehouse of the future is the warehouse of now. A survivor warehouse that will make it through the challenges of today and tomorrow — and grow and thrive, regardless. It will quickly respond to changing logistics trends, and provide reliable continuity of service.

Foysonis’ state of the art, cloud-native and feature-loaded (but still affordable!) warehouse management system is a survival tool for your future-now survivor warehouse. Let our agile team of experts help you automate and strengthen your warehouse for survival today. Foysonis will help keep you at the front of the pack in weathering the inevitable change and seizing emerging opportunities.

You are the everyday heroes who keep our economy moving, even in the face of the great uncertainty and logistical challenges we face today. You should be proud of your great contribution every day to keep everything everybody needs moving, and getting it safely to them.

Please contact us if interested in learning more about Foysonis. Regardless, we praise your hard work, dedication and bravery, and wish you safety, good health, and great success– Please take care!

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